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September 20th, Saturday, 9:30pm Voodoo Lounge on Mission St., San Francisco, California

Concrete Coffin destroy the Voodoo Lounge!

A saturday night of metal assaulted the sushi serving lounge on Mission street in San Francisco. First up was the blistering Blitzenhamer; these East Bay masters of metal energized and electrified the crowd at the Voodoo lounge for the evening to come.
Next up was the mighty Concrete Coffin themselves! The South City Thrashers performed a eight song set. The Voodoo lounge became the Voodoo pit during the show, as a large portion of the crowd started moshing. The club was rocked by the Coffin; Highlights of the show occurred during CC songs such as "Caged Rage", "Stoned To Death", and "Denial" where the pit reached its peak. Joe dedicated "Into the Pit" to the late Paul Baloff of Exodus. Aki was sporting his latest axe of destruction with a new trans-red flametop Jackson. Riffmaster Tito and Aki debuted a choreographed intro to "Stoned to Death" at this show, marking the first public performance of the piece. Concrete Coffin hopes that the venue will continue to support metal shows once it changes ownership in October.
Last up was Doppler, who's instru-numetal band was tuning up for a tour of LA and southern California. Doppler's sonic wall of sound showed off their musicianship well. The band was musically tight! Doppler had to drive to LA for a show the next day, let's hope they made it safely driving through the night.

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