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Concrete Coffin
“Demo 2003”

Concrete Coffin plays thrash metal, based on classical California’s patterns. For Concrete Coffin is California’s band, these domestic influences are easy to explain. Three songs promo introduces a good, talented band. The opening song is fast and close to Evil Dead’s tradition. For I consider Evil Dead to be one of the best California’s bands ever, this comparison is a compliment. In the second track, Concrete Coffin slows down significantly, but again I like the riffing. Good, melodic solo in the middle diversifies this composition. The third song repeats rather scheme of previous song although it’s a bit more dynamic. Think of Exodus this time if you need comparisons. The entire material verifies two most important features that should characterize a good thrash metal band: songwriting and technical skills. As composers and instrumentalists, Concrete Coffin’s members look very good. The band has more songs ready to record. I am eager to hear them. http://www.concretecoffin.com/

- Damien
Metal Side