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Demo 2003
Released: 2003
Rating: 7
Genre: Thrash Metal
Reviewer: Draiden
website: http://www.metal-march.com/

Concrete Coffin is a band which have assigned theirselves a job to bring back the old-school sound of Slayer and other bands that were active at that period of time (Exodus, Vio-lence, Kreator, Metallica, and Megadeth), and you can hear that they use Slayer as their main influence due to the vocals Concrete Coffin is using. Although they're using grunt-like vocals as well, the main type of vocals are slayer-like. The riffs and the setup in their songs is great, there are some very strong intro's on this album, which as they said on their website, are very catchy!

With this 4-track Demo Concrete Coffin shows it's quality and it isn't low-quality at all, although I have to admit, sometimes the vocalist is grunting at the wrong time, and using it's vocals in the wrong way, this sometimes irritates me, that's why I've given this album a 7 as rating.

This of course, doesn't count for all songs, but with some songs I just have to say the vocals aren't at 100%, for example the song 'Betrayal', the intro is just awesome, although when the vocals kick in, it pulls away a bit of the strength this song has, just because they're used in a wrong way, still, the whole package of the song is strong, catchy and it could this resurrection of the old slayer-exodus-megadeth-style can attract a lot of people!

My personal favourite from this 4-track demo album is the 3rd song on the list, the title of this song is 'Concrete Coffin', again the intro of this 3rd song is perfect, strong and catchy, also the vocals are pretty good on this song, also this song has a very cool solo in it, which can keep you listening a long while. for a final conclusion, this song, in it's total package, is a kick-ass song, and I would like to hear more of these!

My conclusion for Concrete Coffin:

This band is going to make it, they've done a very good job on bringing back a bit of that old-school feel that the bands like slayer, exodus and such gave you in the time they were active in their first years. As I said before, this can attract many people to listen to their music. I am sure this Demo will attract some music label that is willing to give these guys a chance to become famous!